Inside joke.

Not going for Java OR Math tomorrow. That’ll be the third Java lecture in a row that I’ll be skipping.

I’ve probably only gone for about 70% of all the lectures this semester.

I’ve never been an obsessive fan of watches. This one, however, is beautiful:

It also costs half a million dollars. More details over at Uncrate.


From Gizmodo: The world’s (current) fastest HDD. Pretty neat.

Listless. Feeling listless.

One of my favourite articles from Cody.

8 health foods that are bad for your health.

The five stages.

Introducing goo.

A pretty nifty application of magnets.

It would be pretty awesome to have your own subway system. I’m thinking underground tunnels with bicycle routes, a primitive motor-operated railcar, and supply bunkers at the stops. I also imagine it would be grossly expensive.

If you have $400 to spend though, get this.

Also, apparently this top-kill method worked.

THIS is, quite literally, a cat house.

Thinking of moving to on Friday instead. After midterms.

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