christmas cheer

So I’ve been thinking…there has to be something wrong – like, mentally and shit – since seven months isn’t exactly normal, namean?

It’s like all the urgency and misplaced certainty haven’t just seeped out, but drained out. At ridunkulous speed, to boot.

And there’s no point focusing and re-focusing in the 30 minutes before sleeping, the next day is the same old, same old shit.


Time to change a couple o things at least.

Anyway, a declassified 21 Nov post from Day One:

I miss talking to [REDACTED], I guess. But she’s not going to say sorry, so I don’t know exactly what I’m waiting for. She did reach out yesterday and I pushed her away. I think. And today, she sent a photo about a Milkcow promo to which I responded with a “Oh cool” and nothing else after. Wow look at me passive aggressive rebel

Maybe I’ll just wait for the next message. If it ever comes.

I do miss talking to her. But it’s troubling because I obviously still have some feelings for her. Not a good thing.

Anyway, I met “[REDACTED]” today – the guy from Lowyat who got my Uniqlo loot. Real name’s [REDACTED] and for some reason he works at [REDACTED] in Fahrenheit. Odd, that. Also, he wrongly picked up one of the hoodies so I’m waiting on that.

Before that though, I sold off my 2i2 to some bloke from Jamtank. Nice fella. Came with his friend who was even friendlier. Both Indian dudes. His friend chatted with me a bit about Chvrches and stuff.

Christmas, soon


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